Author - Jason Kincaid

Jason Kincaid is the proprietor of Millennial.Website

Kincaid was a member of the core team of TechCrunch writers from 2008-12, spanning some of the site's most formative years. After leaving as a writer, he would return to emcee TechCrunch's Startup Battlefield competition many times. Kincaid played himself in this capacity on HBO's hit comedy series, Silicon Valley.

In 2014, he published his first book, The Burned-Out Blogger's Guide to PR.

He launched Millennial.Website in 2016 as a last-ditch GOTV effort around the Presidential Election. No dice.

For a full bio, see his personal homepage:

The Rising — 10/11/19

Open mics are really inef­fi­cient: a lot of sitting and listen­ing for not much play-time. There’s noth­ing quite like stand­ing in front of a mic, in front of a crowd — but stand­ing on a street corner isn’t a bad substi­tute.

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Hard Questions, Soft Answers

One of Facebook's specialties lies in creating the illusion of engaging with the public — and reaping the PR benefits thereof — while mitigating its exposure as much as possible.

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